Friday, December 24, 2010

RADIOHEAD for HAITI multi-cam DVD release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all!!
SO as some (many?) of you know, after the incredible gig Radiohead played last January to raise money for Haiti after that horrible earthquake, there has been a huge effort to create a multicam DVD to… - well, you can never ‘re-create’ this magical performance, especially given that only 1400 people got to attend it, so the recordings are scarce and precious. But one can at least try! So we (formengr, andrea and myself) tried to collect every frame out there to get the best coverage possible… and share it with all of you.
But remember - it was a SPECIAL show with a SPECIAL purpose – to raise badly needed funds for those who lived through the devastation. And it seemed only appropriate that the DVD should carry on some of these goals. So on the behalf of our little team of three, I contacted the band/management to tell them about our project and asked to name a charity of their choice - so that those downloading the DVD could donate some money to it – however much they can (‘cause we trust Radiohead’s choices don’t we?). We were thrilled to hear that Radiohead supported our efforts :-) and named Haiti to be the ‘beneficiary’ of such donations. They also chose Oxfam – who originally helped to organize the show – as the organization that would handle it. So I asked Oxfam if they could create a DEDICATED LINK for us, Radiohead fans, so in the end, we would know how much we have raised and let the band know too!.... I am quite ecstatic to tell you that it all happened!

Here we are –

Finally, Kii Arens – the author of the original ‘bandaid’ poster for the show - stepped forward to create artwork for our DVD! You see it on top of the post but the real hi-rez file is included in the DVD (so don’t rip this blog :)) – thanks, Kii!!

Enormous thanks to RADIOHEAD for EVERYTHING, Chris Hufford (Chris, you’re awesome!) and Bob Ferguson at Oxfam America (I owe you multiple drinks!) for making it fall into place (uhm - did I just say this?)
In this project, we have recordings from 14 video tapers, 4 audio tapers (everyone is listed in all art and all info files), more audio mixing by hoserama and an astounding amount of editing work by formengr (love you, form!) – I feel like we are all thanking each other, and it feels great! So THANKS again!!

UPDATE Jan 2012:

- a year after the release and 2 years after the earthquake:
as per Oxfam, our DVD has raised $23,690 in a total of 1236 gifts.... from 42 countries!! All of you who donated your footage and/or to raising money for Haiti - THANK YOU!!!!!!

Here we go:

2xDVD with 4 alternate audio tracks:

HD 1280x720 mp4 movie:

UPDATE Jan 17, 2017

***brand new links to DVD discs in MEGA - copy paste the whole link - ENJOY!***

DVD Disc1 (info file and art are here as well)!PRIlHBhb!1h6Ospwxiq60z8sgBrepAHyGILhsVmbyj-DE1vh1brg

DVD Disc2!XIQ2DSYQ!cavvgCoj5tGvRp_SA_ZHdXQBbOVF06jFleIiFVCm14s

The main audio track as requested:!TEhSTDha!h8sxRz1fDjpxRHH526PbmSbhc4E6aCwdlrvO8xYa7cY

Last but not least: both the DVD and the HD mp4 (and MUCH more) are ALWAYS available on Radiohub. You will need a direct connect (dc++) client which is free and easy to use.
Radiohub can be reached at OR via the IP address **note: these are not websites and you need to use a dc++ client to connect!**

dc++ software for PC:

dc++ software for Mac:

to help you get started:

Help? email

OK - folks, please donate some – whatever you can; Oxfam worked hard to get a paypal option worked into that page just to make it as easy as possible

Happy holidays of all kinds!

Radiohead – we love you!!!! :-)


formengr's multi-cam of A Wolf At The Door w Edgar's audio in this clip (appears as source 2 audio track on the DVD)

AND - by popular demand - here is the whole movie on YT - please watch in HD :-)