Sunday, November 25, 2012

RADIOHEAD Roseland Ballroom NYC 2011-09-29 Full show multi-cam SBD audio

Zomb is running RATIO-FREE downloads for us
mp4 HD

Roseland Ballroom
New York City NY US
September 29, 2011

Hi everybody!
It took a long time and a lot of work - but here's the multi-cam show of the second Roseland gig last Fall.
Our enormous thanks go to Radiohead for playing the pre-TKOL-tour shows and for choosing Roseland :)!
And we are immensely grateful to the band for generously providing the SBD audio for this project!! Thank you, Chris, for making things happen!
Of course, the project would have never happened without our dear video and audio contributors - thank you, guys!

As you are enjoying this show, we request that you consider making the world a better place and help out folks who have been deprived of most things that we have and are having a really hard time getting their lives on track.
Remember, this is a New York City show. And as we know, New York and the Tri-State area was just struck by a disaster of its own. Please consider helping your neighbors!
Thank you all.


little by little
the national anthem
subterranean homesick alien
like spinning plates
all I need
true love waits/everything in its right place
15 step
weird fishes/arpeggi
lotus flower
daily mail
good morning mr magpie
give up the ghost

overall project procurement and permissions: inez
video and audio editing: Murmurs13 (guest editor: formengr on TNA)
video contribution:
joebreslin, inez, Hellspawn, godieinhell2, andrew sullivan, Colin B, poseidon, thegloaming09, InkyBrown, Paul R 
audio contribution:
photos: inez
cover art: andrea chierici
Keeping Radiohub alive and well: joebreslin
Editor's Notes:
Thanks to all who stood quiet and still during the concert in order to tape and film it, and and then to share with us. Thanks to Radiohead for providing the soundboard recording! All tracks had at least two sources of video to use, which was a bonus. The many different video formats and settings made this a bit of a challenge and that, combined with life, are the reasons that this took so long to complete.
Special thanks to joebreslin for keeping the hub together all this time! Thanks to Inez for doing the footwork on this project, and lastly, thanks to form for his contribution (TNA editing and some audio patching) and for being the first person to help me out when I first came across the hub! YOU ROCK!
A lot of work went in to bring you this video. We hope that you will kindly make a donation to one of the organizations listed above - and below :)
Haiti Earthquake fund:

Dedicated to the memory of Radiohead crewmember, Scott Johnson:



  1. just to let everyone know: Zomb is running ratio-free special, so download away! Also, they promised to run these two torrents ratio-free for us for a while, even when their 'special' is over. Happy downloading! :-)

  2. Extraordinary - everything on this video is just perfect...couldn't fault anything! You should all be very proud!

  3. Greatness! Every Radiohead fan on Earth thanks thee!

  4. it is available for free download at the Zomb torrents listed above. We were trying to make it available for a download also through simple links, but it is very difficult (after was killed) to find a proper host which will have unlimited downloads on this amount of material without limiting speeds etc. Please let me know if you have trouble with the torrent - it's very easy and ratio-free - the links are listed on top of the post.

  5. ok cool. i just wasn't sure because there is a DVD cover up above

  6. you guys are legends. Thank you :)

  7. amazing work - thank you!!!

    is it possible to download just the audio of this concert anywhere?

  8. thanks everyone for coming and downloading and possibly donating. Would be great if you could!!
    we got written up in The Rolling Stone :-)

    and - yes, someone already made and posted a clean DVD rip of the audio -
    pw: 100greatestbootlegsblogspot

  9. so we have to make a zombo account before we can d/l, yes?

  10. yes, you do need to open a zomb account. The DVD is also running on tradersden - but not the HD mp4, and also TTD is not ratio-free.

  11. OK, and what is the difference between the 2 files to choose from, the mp4 is HD and the '2DVD' is not? Or is the mp4 the final HQ version with the perfect audio (source) and the other one is the original with the fan audio?

  12. Right - the mp4 IS HD and is higher resolution and MUCH higher video bitrate. DVDs are NEVER HD by the dictionary definition. It is not a HD format. The mp4 has soundboard audio at 320 bitrate. DVD has 2 audio tracks to choose from: SBD or audience.
    I guess those who want to watch the DVDs on a stand-alone DVD player need the DVD - with all the options, and menus, and jumping from track to track etc.
    Mp4 is a single continuous file without any fancy gadgets - but of course the picture quality is significantly higher than the DVD can provide.

  13. the download will not work -- tried many times now. working on a macbook pro. have a zomb account. any ideas?

  14. what do you mean? There are hundreds of ppl who grabbed it there happily and are doing it as we speak. Which torrent client are you running?

  15. Hello,

    I've downloaded the DVD version and now idk know how to open the files. Each folder has .md5, .vob, and other file extensions that don't resemble video files. Is there something that I'm missing?

  16. You should leave everything in place (other than md5 which can be moved out of the Video_TS folder, 1 level above) - the rest has to stay exactly as it downloaded - those little function files in VIDEO_TS folder is what any DVD-playing software recognizes and needs for playing the disc properly.
    Well, on a Mac there is simply a program called DVD Player and if you were to go from file -> open DVD media -> and point it to Disc1. There must be something similar on a PC as well. Let me know if you want me to find out the details.

  17. jesus- the filetypes .ifo and .bup are necessary for burning the set to a physical DVD. .vob files are playable using the video player VLC

  18. Al quemar el dvd en Nero Burnig Rom, el resultado es que no se puede reproducir, se frenan los temas y el audio desaparece, alguna sugerencia?

    By burning the DVD in Nero Burnig Rom, the result is that you can play, slow down and audio issues disappear, any suggestions?


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